Wildern 2019

Exhibition at Petrichor gallery- Walpole south coast W.Australia
Dr Liz Edmonds, Luda Korczynskyj, Tony Windberg, Clive and Jenny Kendrick, Christie Gregory

Dr. Liz Edmonds, curator at Petrichor Gallery with a science background, approached me to be part of a group exhibition to highlight wild nature with all its variations and influences on my work as a ceramic artist.

Ceramics-Wood-Painting & Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Wildern is not a common word,and that in itself intrigued and inspired me.

As a ceramic artist and maker of all things from clay, I was drawn to re-invent aspects of working with clay that represent something different. I don’t know if I have succeeded, but it has drawn me back to nature. I usually work on things associated with the human condition and so it has been refreshing to look at nature in conjunction with wilderness areas around the South West. Probably the only little pocket of true wilderness in Western Australia exists in the wilderness surrounding the small hamlet of Walpole, a unique place and environment.

Given the brief of Wildern for the Southern Trail Exhibition – an annual event – has started me on a new journey which is vital for an artist to stay motivated and inspired.

Frieda lost in wattle
Sea wildern
Blue decals
Jewell of Wildern
The Folly