Nth. of KievBiography

Luda’s family were potters in North Eastern Ukraine and this propelled her to work with clay. Her first solo exhibition was Pysanka, a combination of ceramic bowls and intricately decorated eggs using a traditional Ukrainian technique. She and her husband established a pottery in Walpole WA, and over 7 years produced over 10,000 domestic pots. She taught pottery for Adult Ed. for 11years, after which she spent two years creating her second solo exhibition- Orchidacea where she experimented in pushing porcelain clay to its thinnest. She has personally curated 6 solo shows dealing in some way with the human condition and sometimes including her expertise of drawing with hot wax. She also works on slabs of clay as a painter paints on canvass. This lends itself to interesting textures. She has been shortlisted for the Blackswan Art Award (Western Australia) using this slab painting process and at present is working on her 7th Solo exhibition.


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Pottery – North Eastern Ukraine


In 2010 travelling through North Eastern Ukraine, increased my knowledge and interest of my family routes.  It was a thrill to find road side pottery stalls and ancient pottery like the one below.