Early Work

PYSANKA ART:  A traditional Ukrainian technique which is drawing with hot wax onto real eggs.  This was my first experience in acquiring hand skills towards life as an Artist.  In 1988 I had my first solo exhibition where I decorated over 100 real eggs in this way.
 In the exhibition I used traditional Ukrainian designs so that I could weave a story   telling the culture behind the Art of Pysanka decorating.  At the same time I had started to explore some Australian influences in my work.  Some of these depicted the tall forest trees of the South West and also flora.  This was the beginning of my interest in West Australian native orchids.

THE CHERNOBYL CONNECTION:  One of my first attempts of paintings and mixed media was the picture below, that I felt compelled to create after the Chernobyl tragedy.  My mother’s family came  from a village 300kms east of Chernobyl.

luda & sunflower for Chernobyl B
A Sunflower for Chernobyl – Victoria Park Art Awards
Img_0100 bi-cultural tryptich
Bi – cultural natives

The above shows wax resist used as the medium to draw on clay. The border decoration is taken directly from Ukrainian embroidery designs.

OZ – Sushi 2001
Banquet for a Refugee 2004


Early work technique used in Exhibition Women on a wire